Start Up Clinic

Speakers: Dr. Aisling Whitaker & Eric Pook, President Cirrus Consulting

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Thinking of opening your first clinic?

Join us for an interactive discussion where Dr. Aisling Whitaker walks through her first dental practice journey. Learn a comprehensive Guide to Practice Startup to lead you through a painless and stress-free startup, detailing out the necessary steps and building blocks for success.

Speaker: Eric Pook, President, Cirrus Consulting
Connect with Cirrus about your lease negotiation and renewals via our Dental Business Directory

About the Speaker: Dr. Aisling Whitaker, BA (Hons) MSc PhD BDS (Hons)
Dr. Aisling Whitaker is a general dentist, owner of multiple dental clinics Bitehaus Dental in Toronto and CEO of Dental Hive. Dr. Whitaker is experienced in starting a dental clinic from scratch, developing marketing campaigns, office systems and building a strong team culture.



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