Risio Youth Dental Initiative

Author: Casey Sharp & Carey Thurlow, Risio Dental Institute
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At Risio, we understand the challenges that dental offices face when it comes to staffing. Finding skilled and dedicated personnel can be a daunting task, especially in today’s competitive landscape. That’s why we’ve developed an innovative program aimed at addressing your staffing needs while simultaneously nurturing the next generation of dental professionals.

What is the Risio Youth Dental Initiative?
The Risio Youth Dental Initiative is a pioneering program designed to connect dental offices across Canada with motivated young individuals in high school who are eager to enter the dental industry. Through strategic collaboration, participating dental offices have the opportunity to shape the future of dentistry while fulfilling their staffing requirements. This program is available for all provinces in Canada.

How Does It Work?
The initiative unfolds in three progressive steps:

  1. Summer Student Placement: Participating dental offices can hire Grade 11 summer students at a rate of $13/hr (Alberta minimum wage for under 18 years old) in a role as a sterilization tech, providing affordable staffing solutions during peak seasons.
  2. Transition to Part-Time Work: As the student progresses through Grade 12, they transition to working evenings and weekends, covering shifts that may be less desirable for seasoned employees, ensuring optimal staffing coverage for your practice.
  3. Enrollment in the Risio Institute Dental Assisting Diploma Program: Upon graduation from high school, the student enrolls in the Risio Institute Dental Assisting Diploma program while continuing to work a minimum of 14 hours a week in your dental office (more is ok too!). This immersive experience allows them to gain hands-on experience and expand their skill set.


Benefits for Your Dental Office:

Cost-Effective Staffing: Access affordable staffing solutions while providing valuable opportunities for young individuals to gain experience in the dental industry.
A financial commitment of as little as $210/wk is less than onboarding a recruited RDA!

($15.00/hr x 14 hours/wk = $210.00/wk)

Pathway to Registered Dental Assistant: After 10 months in the Risio Dental Assisting Distance Delivery Diploma program, the student becomes a valuable resource, presenting an affordable opportunity for your dental office to gain a Registered Dental Assistant.

Skilled Team Members: Graduates emerge as highly skilled assets to your team, equipped with comprehensive training and real-world experience.

Why Partner with Risio?
By participating in the Risio Youth Dental Initiative, you are actively investing in the future of the dental profession while addressing your staffing challenges. Our program offers streamlined recruitment processes and cost-efficient staffing solutions, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional care to your patients. Get Started Today!

The Risio team is working with Careers Next Generation to place summer students in dental offices. In addition, Risio is attending Youth Career Fairs across Alberta to spread awareness of the program. Thank you for considering this opportunity. Together, let’s build a brighter future for dentistry.

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About the Authors:

Casey Sharp & Carey Thurlow, Co-Founders of Risio Institute.
At Risio Institute for Digital Dental Education, students from anywhere in Canada can earn the required credentials for a career in dental assisting. Our online courses include Dental Assistant Diploma (Level II), Dental Aide (dental basics & sterilization) and Orthodontic module for dental assistants.

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