Oral Probiotics

Author: Lorraine Gambacourt, RDHU
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Oral Probiotics are a great adjunct that we can add to our treatment plans for those clients who present with gingivitis, periodontal disease, xerostomia, yeast, caries and/or halitosis (and so much more…)!

What if…

· we could improve the quality of saliva, and reduce the potential for oral Candida to become opportunistic in the mouth?

· we could reduce the risk of dental decay and Candida in someone who suffers from xerostomia?

· we could help reduce the incidence of ear and throat infections, and help ward off the common cold?

· we could help to reduce the incidence of decay, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and halitosis?

· we could positively influence and sustain a healthier biofilm, by “repopulating” the oral cavity with healthy bacteria after conventional periodontal therapies?

Most people understand the benefits of gut probiotics, but few individuals and oral health professionals are aware of the preventive and/or supportive benefits to oral health that Oral Probiotics can provide.

What are oral probiotics

Oral Probiotics are specific strains of healthy bacteria that can improve oral health. They encourage the growth of good bacteria while stopping or interfering with the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Many things upset the balance in the oral microbiome, creating a “dysbiosis”, allowing pathogenic bacteria to thrive leading to the many conditions and oral diseases we frequently see.

Numerous studies have shown that Oral Probiotics can be extremely useful in the prevention or treatment of oral diseases such as tooth decay, halitosis, and periodontal disease. Some have also been shown to boost the immune system and reduce the potential for ear and throat infections.

While Oral Probiotics can undoubtedly provide significant benefits to oral health, it is important to point out that the timing of the recommendation is critical for optimal results. If an individual has significant oral infection, it must be addressed first followed by the introduction of Oral Probiotics in the maintenance phase of treatment.

Adding this adjunct to our treatment therapies can most definitely lower risk, help prevent disease, boost our immune defenses, and improve treatment outcomes.

Examples of oral probiotics

BLIS K12™ is the world’s first probiotic specifically developed for oral health. The benefits extend far beyond fresh breath to include: Inhibition of P. gingivalis and P. intermedia; reduction/prevention of ear and throat infections; protection against Candida; anti-viral properties; reduction of periodontal pathogen-induced inflammation.

BLIS M18 ™ inhibits key periodontal pathogens including Aa, Pg, Pi, and Fn, and reduce periodontal pathogen-induced inflammation. BLIS M18™ can also reduce caries risk by breaking down plaque, neutralizing pH and inhibiting the growth of S. mutans.

About the Author: Lorraine Gambacourt, RDHU
Lorraine Gambacourt, RDH obtained her Dental Hygiene Diploma from George Brown College in 1985. She is passionate about empowering clients to obtain the best oral health as well as educating them about the Oral Systemic Connection. She enjoys inspiring others and sharing her knowledge with her colleagues through writing, blogging, and presenting on a variety of topics.

Given Lorraine’s passion for sharing about the benefits of Oral Probiotics, she has had two articles published and was asked to be a contributing chapter author on this topic for the book “Get Your Spit Together”, launched January 2022