Do you pay a living wage?

Author: Felicia Sprague, Co-founder Dental Hive

When it comes to employee retention, being paid in accordance with industry norms and experience is only one consideration. If you haven’t heard of a living wage, you may need to confirm that you are paying according to the cost of living in your area.

According to Living Wage Canada, a living wage is the hourly wage a worker needs to earn to cover their basic expenses and participate in their community. It reflects what people need to earn to cover the actual costs of living in their area and draws on community-specific data to determine the expenses.

This is NOT to be confused with minimum wage – as that is the legislated minimum all employers must pay set by the provincial government. All living wages will differ depending on where you live and you can check your community by visiting the link below. By paying your employees at least this, you will be one step closer to employee retention.


About the Author: Felicia Sprague
Felicia Sprague is a dental office manager and co-founder of Dental Hive. Felicia is experienced team training, HR, dental systems development and implementation, and has a track record of increasing productivity in dental offices.