KPIs to gauge your clinic health

Author: Stephanie Richardson and Erin Robichaud, Dental Consultants
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How do you know if a piece of equipment is running well, if your car has enough gas, if an airplane is flying at the correct altitude?

Gauges – vehicles, planes and machines in factories all monitor their health, efficiency and ability to run with gauges.
In practice we also need to monitor gauges, we call these gauges KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators). 

A KPI spreadsheet is a gauge to know how well our business is performing – This is why we recommend tracking your office KPIs weekly to get real time information. We wouldn’t look at our gas gauge in our vehicle monthly would we? We do not want to wait until we are almost out of gas or worse out of gas to look at the gauge when it is too late to get to a gas station. 

We talk about wanting our offices run like a well oiled machine, to accomplish this we need to keep monitoring the oil levels.

Download our KPIs pdf here for what we suggest you start tracking to keep your practice running like a well oiled machine.

About the Authors:
Stephanie Richardson and Erin Robichaud, Dental Consultants
Specializing in practice growth, profitability, team culture, start ups and custom system implementation. Evolution Dental Consulting focusses on using tailor-made solutions for unique dental practices.

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