Invisalign – Transferring a Patient

There are two methods of transferring an Invisalign patient from your clinic to another clinic. 

Option 1: Via the Invisalign Doctor Site

Open the patient’s file

  • Additional services
  • Transfer patient, Next, Next
  • Search for the new doctor using Last Name, First Name
  • Select the correct doctor and Submit



Option 2: Using the Invisalign Patient Transfer Form

You can obtain a transfer form by contacting Invisalign Customer Support, or you can print it from here

Complete the RELEASE or ACCEPTANCE as appropriate. You can find the ClinID on the upper right corner of the Invisalign Doctor Site where is says DID#. 

You will need all aspects of the form filled out and will need to share it with the other clinic to help you complete it. 

Once you complete the form, send it to It takes about 2 business days for the patient to show up in the “pending cases” list on the Invisalign Doctor Site. 


About the Author: Dr. Aisling Whitaker, BA (Hons) MSc PhD BDS (Hons)
Dr. Aisling Whitaker is a general dentist, owner of multiple dental clinics Bitehaus Dental in Toronto and CEO of Dental Hive. Dr. Whitaker is experienced in starting a dental clinic from scratch, developing marketing campaigns, office systems and building a strong team culture.


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