How to ask for Google Reviews

Author: Nadeem Kassam, CEO & Co-Founder, Connect The Doc
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Reviews are one of the most important ways to drive new patients to your clinic. Asking your current patients may seem awkward but the truth is that they are already likely your biggest fans.

Trying to get more Google Reviews but finding it awkward to ask in person? Here are a few templates and tips if you are not using Connect the Doc.

  1. QR Code – Make a QR Code Business Card that links the patient to your Google My Business where they can write a review. On the card say something like “Your Feedback Matters. Scan the QR code to share your feedback 
  2. SMS Message – If you have an office cell phone, have a dedicated SMS number for text messaging, or are using a patient communication platform like Intiveo or Lighthouse360, you can send out a simple text message to your patients. A sample SMS message would look something like this:
    Hi {{Name}} – Thanks for visiting {{Practice Name}}. Please help us out by clicking this link to share your feedback:: {{Insert Link}} 
  3. Email Template – This is very similar to the text message but would be sent from your office email. You can either make a template in an email newsletter service like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact or just send a plain text email. The message would be:

    Hi {{Name}},
    Thanks for recently visiting {{Practice Name}}. We strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of care and service. Your feedback helps us improve our services and helps prospective patients find a dentist they can trust.
    If you have a few moments, we’d really appreciate it if you could visit this link: {{Insert Link}} to share your feedback on Google and write us a review.
    We truly appreciate your time, effort, and consideration.
    Thanks for being an awesome patient!


In all of the examples above, you will need to “Insert a Google Review Link”. You can easily create your own Google review link by adding your “Place ID” to the end of this URL where all the XX’s are:

To find your Place ID, visit the link below and scroll down to the map where it says “Find the ID of a Particular Place:

So an example of our company’s Link would be:


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