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Want to reach thousands of dental professionals across Canada and the USA today without waiting for the next trade show or overspending on a magazine ad? Using Dental Hive, you can have direct access to your targeted customers, without the hassle of learning a social media algorithm or making a tiktok.

Running a dental clinic is challenging, and we see a need for having businesses that support dental clinics at our fingertips. Our dental business directory is a way for dental professionals to access and connect with businesses that provide services to the dental industry.

This virtual village allows businesses like professional services, contractors and specialists to showcase their offerings, experience and upcoming events to thousands of dental professionals. Users will be able to connect easily with your business and become prospective clients.

Unlike print ads, which are difficult to track performance, using our digital directory you can track analytics about how many users view your profile and click to connect. You can feature upcoming events and contribute knowledge to our resource centre to boost brand awareness and trust.

If your business is in the dental niche, and you wish to connect with dental professionals easily, join our directory today. If you are looking to place a weekly ad for an upcoming course or product, view our ad deck

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Business Directory

  • How do I join?  We welcome businesses that support the dental industry to join the directory. To register, you download the app and setup your profile. This directory is strictly for businesses with experience working with dental professionals. Any non-dental businesses will be removed from the app.

  • How much does it cost? Our first month is free! Our introductory pricing is $99 CAD / $69 USD per month. This will allow you to be part of the directory, add upcoming events and promotions and for dental professionals to connect directly with you.

  • What do I get in return? You will get exposure to thousands of dental professionals in Canada and USA. They will be able to confidently connect with you and rate your service. You can list any upcoming events and promotions that your businesses offers and provide registration links.

  • How can I spread the word about an upcoming event? You can list your upcoming events via your profile. Your event will automatically be added to our event list and will be listed in our fortnightly newsletter. Make sure to add a registration link so that users can directly sign up.

  • What helps my listing stand out? Testimonials are a key factor in raising your business profile. Invite your current dental clients to download the app and rate you on what makes you unique.

  • When setting up your business directory listing, you will need: Logo, Business Name & Contact Details, About us information, Social Media account information. We recommend that you also add a promotional PDF brochure of current offers.

  • Where can I learn more about in app and newsletter banner ads? You can access our ad deck here, and email us on

  • Can multiple users have access to the business account? Yes, you can use your main business email to register and then add “linked emails” for any team member you would also like to access your profile (e.g. your marketing team).

  • How active is your community? Our app users visit our app on average of 5+ times per week. Our average newsletter open rate is 45% or above.

  • How is my data stored? Your security is important to us. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to safely store your data. Your payment information if securely processed using Apple Pay (iPhone) and Google Pay (Android)