Canada Digital Adoption Program

Have you heard about CDAP? This is a government initiative to help small businesses discover and onboard digital strategies to help grow their business. In essence, it is a way to access a $15k grant towards a consultant who will build you a tailor made Digital Adoption Plan for your clinic. Following that, you can access a loan up to $100k to use towards your new digital technology.

What is a Digital Adoption Plan?

Think about all the different possibilities of how digital workflow can improve your dental clinic. A consultant can create a custom plan for your clinic for areas like integration of software, patient communication strategies, analysis of website optimisation, digital tools and technology. This is a great option if you are considering a new digital scanner, microscope, radiographic sensors, digital mill etc. 

What happens after I receive my plan?

You will then be automatically eligible to receive a 0% interest up to $100k loan to implement the strategy or purchase technology. 

Eligibility criteria: 

  • You are a sole proprietor or corporation (partnerships are not eligible)
  • You have less than 499 employees
  • You have 30 hours or more payroll in an average week
  • You have a revenue of $500k

How it works:

  • CDAP applications are completed through a government-approved consultant
  • The grant, up to $15k, will be awarded to the clinic to cover 90% costs of producing a Digital Adoption Plan
  • 10% co-payment will be paid by the clinic

Ready to get started? Book a virtual discovery meeting with our partner consultants below. They will prepare the application, digital plan and guide you on their areas of specialization.

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