As a dental assistant, your role is invaluable to the efficient running of the clinic. Professional development in your role is important so that you can keep on top of the latest innovations and guidelines that your clinic should implement. There a number of great places online and in person to gain your annual continuing education credits.

For you to stay in good standing, it is likely that your Province or State requires you to complete a set number of CE hours, CPR and renew your license. Please contact your local professional body to confirm what your requirements are.

Risio Institute for Digital Dental Education

Risio Institute is an online education platform for dental assistants. Their programs include:

  • Dental Assistant Diploma for comprehensive training
  • Orthodontic module for assistants and hygienists
  • Dental Aide – a basic program for dental knowledge and sterilization
  • Dental Basics and Terminology – perfect for new professionals and cross-training

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Oral Science offers free live and on demand online webinars

  • Flouride / SDF
  • Xylitol
  • Guided biofilm therapy
  • Implant management

Access their full online program here:

Edropin – Microcredits in Dentistry

Free to register and to complete CE courses. Check out these tracks:

Access their full online database here: